Kill Whitey !!!

I've had the honors of receiving the "woman" as an offender a couple of times this week. The applications are flowing in.
Anyway, the "woman" that I speak about evidently likes to leave racist comments about "white folks" on other's blogs. Even though every blog that I had visited to verify this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with race period.
Dani Cally's take on this woman:
I think personally that there's way too much racism in the world. I also believe that because she's not "white" and can vocalize this, most people seem to accept her sorry ass views instead of telling her to shut the fuck up.
The blog : Womanist Musings, which in turn makes me really want to change my gender and my race!!
This wannabe woman seems to envy Angelou Maya so much that she literally degrades her own thoughts and views while blogging her hatred towards "white folks" in EVERY blog post as well as comments.
My answer to her/it : This " half whitey " is quite proud of what she is, I'm sorry my dear that you are not !!
So on that note with your "abolish whiety's views", you have won the Fucktard award.
Enjoy, but P.S it was created by a white woman..
PPS. Your "donation" button is very tacky as well as degrading to us folks that actually work.

The Queens of Mean have been nominated..

The Queens have been nominated for the fucktard award. In all fairness and with pride.. We Accept the Award... and we would like to thank..

first.. the person who nominated us..without an Alley Cat who was wandering the Alley looking for trash.. we never would have been noticed, let alone nominated for this award. Thanks to her endless dump diving, she stumbled across us and decided we were prime candidates for this award..

Second, we want to thank the followers of Mr. London Street. It's those fine readers who were so brave and commented on this site, then returned to MLS site and bragged, thus matching their times of comments on the two sites, so we could figure out who ANONYMOUS was.. without Anonymous, this site would have flopped on it's ass without so much as making a ping..

Third, We want to thank DANA.. Without DANA, none of this could have been possible. DANA and her endless fear that someone with a similar name would take away from her spot light.

Fourth, We want to thank the mysterious tip donor that turned us on to MLS. That my friend, was the tip that put this site on the map. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.

and last, we want to thank all the past and future fucktards that keep us in business. After posting about MLS it became clear that we would be finding fucktards for many years to come.

Thank you for your continuing support in comments (we got more on our first post that MLS has on any of his) even though we had to delete a few due to the fucking nasty use of the F bomb. And thank you Alley Cat, for dumpster diving for a hobby, finding us, and nominating us for this wonderful award.


Why you may ask.

You may be wondering why Dani and I decided to give out FUCKTARD AWARDS.. well, because so many earned them. Twitter is flooded with fucktards. Blog world has been over run with them. We decided it's just selfish of us to keep them all to ourselves. They seem to stick to us like magnets on a frig, so, we decided to let you in on the fun.

The FUCKTARD, that really set this blog up for action was a twit on twitter. You see, this little douche drinker got her panties in a snit because Dani's parents had the nerve to name her Dani. How dare them right? It appears that some ho bag that is now important because she once did a movie with BURT REYNOLDS, believes that because her name is DANA, no one else should be allowed to have a name anywhere near that.. which means.. if your name is any of the following, you must remove yourself from twitterville, or legally change your name.. so..

Dear Dani, Doni, Dana, Dora, Didi, and Dipshit..
Please stop using all Internet services until such time that you change your name. You are confusing my fucking followers and I may not get the attention that I so richly deserve. You see, many a time I played a douche bag ditz on TV and Screen, and it appears by using YOUR real name, you are taking attention away from me.


Dear Dana,

Fuck off Cunt Nugget. No one gives a shit about Burnt Reynolds or who he co starred with. We watched a few of your clips on Utube and frankly, you can't act.. it's why you got the little parts that took no talent and all you had to do was be your shallow, hog faced self!

Because our Queen and Dani, are way smarter than you are.... your blocking them did no good. They can still find your site. You give Cunt Nuggets a really bad name and we do wish you would remove your face from the douche bag hose and straighten up. In case you did not read the directions, douche bags are not for rinsing your mouth. It goes in the other end!!!

Best wishes to you and Burnt Reynolds, we hope you can continue to make movies, no one ever sees..

The Queen.
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Our first Fucktard !!!

Now that our blasting blog is a little bit set up. The Queen and myself have a victim, oops, I mean a "fucktard".
The name of this blogging retard you ask?
Mr. London Street.
Evidently, Mr. Gay London likes to leave nasty comments on other blogger's blogs, never validating himself.
Actually, he hardly makes sense.
You see, he's one of those wannabe narcissistic cock suckers that thinks he's " oh so much smarter than the rest of the population".
His arguments make no sense and his comments are just for the sake of trying to make his itty bitty penis look bigger !!
If you have been attacked by MR. Little Penis London,
just call him a fucktard, compliments of the Queens !!!!

testing one two three..

Who would like to break the fucktard cherry? Dani and I are waiting your arrival on twitter, blog or facebook... We will kick your ass...

Sorry, I'm trying to figure out why you can't comment.... hang in there with us..

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