Kill Whitey !!!

I've had the honors of receiving the "woman" as an offender a couple of times this week. The applications are flowing in.
Anyway, the "woman" that I speak about evidently likes to leave racist comments about "white folks" on other's blogs. Even though every blog that I had visited to verify this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with race period.
Dani Cally's take on this woman:
I think personally that there's way too much racism in the world. I also believe that because she's not "white" and can vocalize this, most people seem to accept her sorry ass views instead of telling her to shut the fuck up.
The blog : Womanist Musings, which in turn makes me really want to change my gender and my race!!
This wannabe woman seems to envy Angelou Maya so much that she literally degrades her own thoughts and views while blogging her hatred towards "white folks" in EVERY blog post as well as comments.
My answer to her/it : This " half whitey " is quite proud of what she is, I'm sorry my dear that you are not !!
So on that note with your "abolish whiety's views", you have won the Fucktard award.
Enjoy, but P.S it was created by a white woman..
PPS. Your "donation" button is very tacky as well as degrading to us folks that actually work.


  1. I was going to comment on your blog Renee, but after I read it I decided you people are fucked up enough over there without me poking a stick in your ass..

    we just hand out the awards, we don't pick the winners. Had you gotten your head out of your ass and read this, you would have known that.

    As you see in one of our posts, we are fair. We were nominated and won.. and we accepted our fucktard award with pride..and without the hopla bullshit that your kind play..

    fucktard.. it's not like someone called us a half breed or something...we are proud of OUR fucktard award.. we show it off.. we were overwhelmed that we won with fucktards like you out there... so... fly your fucktard flag.. and loosen up the size 56 thong a bit...

  2. All you need to do is read your own commentary back and it will become clear to you why you have such a glowing technocrati rating. Like I said in my post, you are about as relevant as a stank fart on a hot summers day. Now if you will excuse me, I'm off to move upwind.

  3. I really don't understand what about Womanist Musings is anti whitey... How do associate any ethnic group with a certian idea. Mabye look at some hatred groups that seek to destroy others for your award.

  4. Just a note of thanks for giving Womanist Musings some extra publicity. I think Renee's blog rocks and this Whitey just made donation using that "tacky" button you were kind enough to point out.

  5. Oh girls, I am jumping on the bandwagon. You FUCKING ROCK!


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